I offer relaxed, friendly one-to-one consultations in Cobham. I am also happy to offer phone/Skype consultations, where appropriate, although face-to face is preferable , especially for an initial meeting.

Before our first meeting:

I ask all clients to complete a 'Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire' and return it to me in advance of our first meeting. This provides information on current health conditions, dietary and lifestyle habits, along with medical history.

First Consultation:

Our initial meeting will last approximately 60-75 minutes and will mainly involve additional information gathering and discussion of the information contained in the completed questionnaire,  along with your desired goals. We will then work together to devise a manageable nutritional and lifestyle programme, tailored to your life, preferences and budget. 

I sometimes also recommend the use of supplements or functional tests, but only if I feel they will help you to achieve your goals, and only if you are happy with this.

Follow-up Consultation: 

I usually recommend clients return for at least one 45-60 minute follow-up appointment, within 4-6 weeks, although clients with more complex needs may benefit from additional appointments. This allows progress to be monitored, and the programme adapted to fit your ongoing needs.

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